Eric Jon Mahlum


"Eric Jon Mahlum is pitch perfect as Valjean's nemesis, Javert. Never ending, never flinching in his pursuit of  Valjean.  He received a cacophony of ovations for every solo.  He brings dimensions to Javert not often seen, and a powerful, soaring vocal talent that would be welcomed on any stage worldwide."-

"As Javert, Eric Jon Mahlum is all bluster and bravado for most of the show, singing effortlessly as the lawman pursues his quarry.  But after Valjean spares his life, even the one so sure of himself is torn.  Mahlum's powerful voice stands out throughout the show and his presence cannot be missed."- Sierra Lodestar

"The large, exceptionally talented cast manages the operatic scope of the material so that every song is thrilling. Of course, the principals, Cliff McCormick as Jean Valjean and Eric Jon Mahlum as Javert, are particularly striking.  
Mahlum’s well-controlled baritone is likewise penetrating, especially in Javert’s ode to our celestial judges in “Stars.” By the time he performs “Javert's Suicide” near the end, his rich voice sharpens the nature of his existential dilemma."  -The Union Democrat

"As Javert, Eric Jon Mahlum never cracks a smile. Only relentless determination carves his stone face. His performance is brilliant and leaves the audience speechless."- Merced Sun-Star

"Eric Jon Mahlum as his nemesis, Javert, is  menacing and convincing as the unrelenting police officer and is simply captivating." - Stockton Record

"The unscrupulous Thénardiers (Eric Mahlum and Rhonda Rae Busch), are among Rhode's many triumphs.  Her successful integration of their cleverly staged interludes into the bigger picture; still funny and farcical, these Thénardiers are also a degrading reminder of the darkness all around us."- Journal Sentinel

"The bitter burlesques of the thieving Thenardier and Mme. Thenardier (Eric Mahlum and Rhonda Rae Busch),are played perfectly as leering old vaudevillians."- Tom Strini

"Mahlum represents the Bennett — holding a phrase, varying pitch and enjambing lines — who is not just a great singer, but a consummate entertainer, living within the songs he sings. One example: Singing "The Shadow of Your Smile," Mahlum comes roaring to life as he anticipates the approach of spring, only to immediately drop and fade before the looming shadow of loss."- Journal Sentinel

"Eric Jon Mahlum [is] a talent who plays well to the thoughtful end of Bennett in countless moments…bringing together the group in clever stagings of unforgettable tunes.”-Express

"Eric Mahlum and Rhonda Rae Busch were undoubtably crowd favorites who showed vocal prowess as well as comic relief as Thenardier and Mme. Thenardier."-


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